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The Fifties Fausto Buiani, Mario Buiani and Attilio Brun set up a small artisanal business producing home accessories. Their products included clothes valets, hatstands, coat racks and stepladders. They were destined prevalently for the regional market. Little machinery was used, and most processes were carried out by hand. The first workers were hired.

The Sixties to Eighties The economic boom led the company to produce on contract for other firms (specializing in the production of the seat for the Milano chair) and to expand its catalogue to include chairs, full-size and occasional tables, both “everyday” and “luxury”. Its clientele became nationwide, production increased, and more space was needed, so the production site was extended and the company invested in mechanizing its processes. While this development was going on, many models were taken out of production, gradually focusing on a specific category of products: folding tables and chairs. This decision was to set the future course for the company definitively. The structure of the company also changed to the conformation still in place today.

The Nineties By now the market for the firm's products was Europe-wide and rapidly going global, with its first clients in the USA, Australia and Central America. Constantly-increasing sales volumes and production efficiency meant that the factory soon became too old and small for the business. The decision was made to build a new, modern structure in an industrial zone that was being developed at the time. Along with this shift came changes in the organization and further mechanization and automation: production became industrialized.

The Noughties Major investments were made in the production process, bringing significant innovations into the sector, including an artificial vision system for in-line quality control (in partnership with firms linked to Trieste University and the local research consortium). A lot of work was also done on the firm's organization, focusing on the quality system (company, product, environment), and taking a modern approach to the management of relations with clients and suppliers. These choices contributed to improving products, increasing production capacity and service quality, and above all, achieving a high standard of quality in the end product. Equal importance was given to research into new products, particularly the creation of the NEO chair. Designed by Werter Toffoloni, it was a truly original idea in the world of folding chairs: a beech frame, and a polypropylene back. A winning design and combination of materials, with a pleasing shape, comfortable seating and great practicality.

Today Now more than ever, the firm is striving to go from strength to strength, responding in the best possible manner to the current working environment and climate.

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